Storage Quotas

The Quota Management API allows web applications to query the system for the size of the storage space currently used and available for the application and to request for more storage space, if needed. The API maintains a separation between the temporary and persistent storage. The temporary storage, to be used by the Application Cache and other non-critical data, might be removed by the browser whenever it decides to do so, while persistent storage might not.

The current support is limited to Google Chrome that implements webkit-prefixed older, incompatible version of the specification draft.

API glimpse

Returns a Promise resolved with the storage info for the storage type requested (temporary or persistent).
Returns the size of the storage currently used by the application, in bytes.
Returns the total size of the storage available for the application, in bytes, including already used.
Requests for the increase of the quota available up to specified size, in bytes. The browser might not necessarily grant the quota requested or it might ask the user for the permission to do so.