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An overview of the device integration HTML5 APIs

Freeze/Resume Detection

The Page Lifecycle API is an addition to the previously existing page state change events, including foreground detection & focus info. It allows Web applications to register for browser-generated events when the inactive application's tab is going to be frozen for CPU & battery usage optimization as well as when it is resumed on subsequent activation.

The API also provides a wasDiscarded flag that enables detecting the scenario when the frozen tab has been discarded (removed from memory) and requires a new page load when being restored. The flag would be set to true for this kind of page loads.

As of Spring 2020, the API is only implemented in Chromium-based browsers.

API glimpse

An event fired when the page has been frozen and unloaded by the operating system.
An event fired when the page has been resumed after being frozen by the operating system.
A boolean flag indicating whether the current load has happened after the web application has been previously discarded.

Live Demo

Was current page load initiated from a discarded state? unknown.

Change the browser tab state to observe the changes log.

Based on the demo from Google Developers.

  • var target = document.getElementById('target');
    if ('wasDiscarded' in document) {
      document.getElementById('wasDiscarded').innerText = document.wasDiscarded.toString();
    function getState() {
      if (document.visibilityState === 'hidden') {
        return 'hidden';
      if (document.hasFocus()) {
        return 'focused';
      return 'not focused';
    var state = getState();
    function logStateChange(nextState) {
      var prevState = state;
      if (nextState !== prevState) {
        var timeBadge = new Date().toTimeString().split(' ')[0];
        var newLog = document.createElement('p');
        newLog.innerHTML = '<span class="badge">' + timeBadge + '</span> State changed from <b>' + prevState + '</b> to <b>' + nextState + '</b>.';
        state = nextState;
    function onPageStateChange() {
    ['pageshow', 'focus', 'blur', 'visibilitychange', 'resume'].forEach(function (type) {
      window.addEventListener(type, onPageStateChange, {capture: true});
    function onFreeze() {
    window.addEventListener('freeze', onFreeze, {capture: true});
    function onPageHide(event) {
      if (event.persisted) {
        // If the event's persisted property is `true` the page is about
        // to enter the page navigation cache, which is also in the frozen state.
      } else {
        // If the event's persisted property is not `true` the page is about to be unloaded.
    window.addEventListener('pagehide', onPageHide, {capture: true});
  • <p>Was current page load initiated from a discarded state? <b id="wasDiscarded">unknown</b>.</p>
    <p>Change the browser tab state to observe the changes log.</p>
    <div id="target"></div>
    <p><small>Based on the demo from <a href="https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2018/07/page-lifecycle-api" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Google Developers</a>.</small></p>


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